KLM Karate Club Dojo

Make your Mae-geri like Amstelveen Dojo teacher David Keijzer and Dojo trainer Yuki Watabe!

A good form Oi-zuki by Juno

And our honorary black belt, Mr. Peter Hartman with our Amstelveen Dojo teachers.

KLM 100 Year Anniversary Karate Training in Tokyo for AF-KLM Japan Management Team together with KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers

October 2019; (photos from left to right)

  • The Opening Ceremony by Pieter Elbers with his Breaking Test: a Big Success
  • The Basic Training of KLM Karate Club Genseikan started
  • KLM President & CEO Mr. Pieter Elbers received the Honorary 1st Dan from WKF 8th Dan Nobuaki Konno
  • KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers is the first Honorary 1st Dan in the World Airline Company like KLM is the first Airline in the World”
  • After everybody was sweating like crazy, all members could get their own Karate diploma and a tulip “Karate” bulb

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