Nobuaki Konno Karate

Nobuaki Konno (今野充昭)

All you need to know about Nobuaki Konno’s vision on Karate, his Karate career and his related Dojo’s in the Netherlands.

About Nobuaki Konno

Read about N. Konno’s personal achievements in Karate & more.

Genseiryu Karatedo & KLM Karate Club

Read about the Dojo’s Sensei Konno co-founded in the Netherlands. Discover where you can train!

Vision on Karate

Read about N. Konno’s personal vision on Karate and it’s future

News & Updates

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Genseiryu Genseikan Karatedo Amstelveen

  • Gymnasium primary school de Triangel, Zeelandiahoeve 3, 1187KR, Amstelveen
  • Gym hall primary school De Westwijzer, Noorddammerweg 55, 1187ZS, Amstelveen

Genseiryu Genseikan Karatedo Schagen

  • Four Language College, Hoop 28, 1741MC, Schagen

Genseiryu Genseikan Karatedo Anna Pauwlowna

  • Dojo, The Long Ring 10, Anna Paulowna